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Chipex Ultra Performance Miracle Detailer

Our Ultra Performance Miracle Detailer has gained a lot of attention recently for being an affordable and effective way to give your car a high shine gloss. Not only does your car benefit from surface protection that repels soiling and rain, you’ll get a gloss finish that makes your car look like it’s fresh from the forecourt. We’re taking you through how this product works and the top reasons our Ultra Performance Miracle Detailer is so popular.

How does the Ultra Performance Miracle Detailer work?

One of the reasons that the Miracle Detailer is so popular is that it’s easy to use. You simply wash and dry your car as you would normally and then apply the Miracle Detailer by spraying it on your paintwork. Once this is done, simply leave it for a few minutes before wiping it off with a microfibre cloth to get the amazing gloss finish. You can continue to do this any time your car needs a polish to keep it in tip top condition. Unlike some of the competitor products on the market, Chipex Ultra Performance Miracle Detailer can be applied to all body work and glass, so you never have to worry when spraying your car.

Quality Over Quantity

Our range of car care products are quite small, however our ethos is always quality over quantity. We put time and effort into creating products that give you serious value for money and are quite exceptional products. The Ultra Performance Miracle Detailer is no different. Here’s what makes our product the best on the market:
  • The Formula: Our formula has been crafted to offer a high quality product at an amazing price. It’s somewhere between a shampoo and a gloss, making it easy to apply but offering a great finish.
    • Surface Protection: This is where the Ultra Performance Miracle Detailer really comes into its own. The surface protection is high tech and leaves an hydrophobic layer that stops water and grime attaching to your car and keeps it glossier for longer.
    • It’s so easy to use: You simply apply directly to paint and glass, wait a little bit and wipe off. You can finish off a whole car in a matter of minutes.
    • Exceptional price: The value for money of this product is second to none. At just £12.95 per 500ml, it’s a bargain that can change the look of your car instantly.
    Our Ultra Performance Miracle Detailer is unique in that you can use it as a standalone Last Step Product (or LSP) to give a glossy finish. Whilst most products will only enhance or buff the LSP layer that is already there, the Chipex Miracle Detailer works as a standalone LSP. It offers the kind of protection that you might expect from a wax or sealant that comes in at a higher price than the affordable Miracle Detailer.

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