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Everything you should know about our road rash kit

What is Road Rash?

Road rash is the bane of every car-lovers life. The term road rash is usually used to refer to the scratches and chips that appear around the tyres and base of your car. No car can ever be fully protected from the dreaded road rash, as when you drive along it’s hard to avoid being sprayed by bits of gravel and stone every now and again. However, there are some easy ways that you can repair your car quickly and cost effectively to ensure that road rash doesn’t cause you too much trouble.

What’s in the Chipex Road Rash Kit?

The Chipex Road Rash kit is a handy tool that you can use to fix road rash in minutes. Within the kit you get everything you need to repair your car to a professional standard, without the hefty price tag that a garage trip might cost. Here’s what you’ll find in the Chipex Road Rash kit... 1. Paint 2. Blend 3. Polish As well as the three main components you will also receive a microfibre cloth, touch up chipex paint applicator brush, polishing cloth and gloves to ensure you are able to do a great job on your road rash.

Top things you need to know about the Chipex Road Rash Kit

- Finding the perfect colour code is crucial

Before you begin, finding the perfect colour code is an essential. Using your registration, simply enter it into our ultra precise colour code finder that matches you up with your exact car colour.

- Ensure the car is clean

If your road rash is recent, you may still have some dirt and grime hidden on your car. Be sure to use leading car care products to prepare your car for the paint application.

- Don’t be afraid to dab the paint in

When it comes to smearing the paint on, don’t be afraid to put the gloves on and use your thumb or finger to gently rub the paint in. This is especially important if the road rash is quite deep as you need to ensure that you get full coverage.

- Leave it to air dry

To make the process a little quicker, you may want to leave the paint to air dry and then blow on it to speed things up, but generally, the paint dries in 30 seconds to 1+ minutes depending in the amount of paint applied and outside temperature.

- Expect paint to rub off slightly when blending

As you start to blend the paint in, you might see particles of paint coming off onto your cloth from the outside of the road rash. Don’t panic - this is normal and won’t affect the overall look. Keep blending gently, and apply another coat of paint if necessary.

- Don’t press to hard when you polish

If can be tempting to give the road rash a hard polish to get the best results, however this can spoil the paintwork. Gently rub the cloth along the affected area, using elongated movements to polish.

- You’ll have some left over

Unless your car is completely covered in road rash (we hope not!) you should have enough paint and blending solution to cover you for any future road rash issues you may have. It couldn’t be easier to treat road rash yourself with Chipex touch up paint. To get started, simply find your colour code on our website.