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How to Find and Use Car Paint Codes

Car paint codes - not the most exciting topic, I'll grant you, but an important necessity when you're in need of painting an area of your vehicle or getting the right match for a Chipex paint chip repair system. When it comes to car paint shades, Chipex and professional sprayers will require the vehicle paint code in order to get a 100% perfect match. You cannot simply ask for a colour because there are so many different shades of it.

 The Bentley Mulsanne, for example, at least 8 different blacks, 16 silvers, 11 greens and 22 blues. And that's just a few of their standard choices. Okay, that's a rather special car, but actually, Chipex can match their kits to virtually any vehicle regardless of the fact it is rare or exotic.

4 easy ways to find your car's paint code

    1. Look on the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) plate. It will have its own numbered sticker.
    2. Check the front windscreen. The number is usually at the bottom of the screen on the left or right side.
    3. Take a look at the A or B pillars on the car, where the door hinges and closes to.
    4. Lift the bonnet/hood (front or rear depending on the model) of the car. It's usually attached as a metal plate onto an obvious flat surface.

How to find the paint code on a car VIN plate

The actual paint code on the VIN number varies hugely, and it's not really obvious most of the time. It can be made up of a combination of letters and/or numbers, but sometimes the actual interior trim colour of the car can be in there too, so it's always best to double-check you have the right one before ordering your paint kit.

 As mentioned, sometimes there can also be a separate colour-code sticker, which is found separately. If you're lucky, it's in an obvious place like the door jamb, but other times the 'data' sticker can be in the front of the service book or stuck to the boot floor under the carpet. A bit random, but an internet search should provide you with the answer if all else fails. Once you finally have your colour code, and you're ready to order the Chipex Touch Up Paint Repair System, a reminder that Chipex offer a 100% Colour Match guarantee and the kit is fast, easy, simple and safe to use, it seals and protects the area from rusting, and enhances your car's value when it comes to re-selling it!

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