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Guide To Finding Your Car Colour Code & What It Means

Finding your car colour code is one of the most important parts of fixing a scratch on your paintwork. Luckily, with Chipex it couldn’t be easier to find the perfect colour match for your car. With our amazing touch up paint technology, your scratch will be completely concealed and no one will ever know you’ve done a DIY job on your vehicle. Avoid falling into the trap of taking your car to a mechanic or paint specialist to touch up your car, when you can get the same results on your very own driveway. However, to help you make the most of our touch up paint, we want to make sure you get the right colour code. So, take a look at everything you need to know about finding your colour code and how to do it.  

What Is A Car Colour Code?

Most people can tell you the colour of their car, some can even tell you the exact name of the colour, but very few can tell you the car colour code. In order to start painting your vehicle, you’re going to need to be sure that it’s a perfect colour match. If you choose the wrong colour, you’re car will end up with a dodgy patch on it where you’ve tried to cover up a scratch - not a good look! A car colour code stops this from happening, and ensures that you get the exact colour of your car as it was painted on by your car manufacturer. It’s an exact code of identification that’s used by the manufacturer to distinguish between car colours so you can’t go wrong!  

How Do You Find Your Car Colour Code?

Finding your car colour code is really simple, but it is important that you match it correctly. Using the exact colour match tool over on our website will allow you to get the colour code and then order your kit.   You can use two options to find your colour code. One is to get the colour code from your manufacturer. This is really easy when you use our manufacturer contact finder on our website. Once you have their details, you will be able to either navigate to their website and give them your make, model and reg to get the colour code. Alternatively, you can call them and give them the information, and they can provide you with the right colour code.   The second way that you can find your exact colour code is by using our location finder. When you put your make or model into the finder, it will automatically let you know where you can find your colour code. For example, for a VW Polo, you will be able to find the colour code on any receipt, which is usually found in the log book. Or, all models also have a colour label in the boot which will give you an exact match.   We match with all makes and models, offering a 100% colour match guarantee. Our technology is computer matched, and uses hand mixed paint that uses the colour mixes that the manufacturers use.   Why not learn more about how to repair deep scratches on your car? Or, if you’re thinking of doing a bit of road rash repair, take a look at everything you need to know about our road rash repair kit.

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