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Everything You Need to Know About Honda Paint Codes

Ask anyone on the street and they’ll easily be able to tell you the colour of their car. Some may even tell you the name of the paint. But, if you ask for the specific paint code you’ll probably see the majority struggle to even find it.

    Paint codes are a vital piece of information to know if you’re needing to touch up any scratches or road rash damage on your car. Rather than you guessing the closest colour match, these codes can tell you the exact match used by the car manufacturer so you don’t end up with a slightly off-colour patch.

    Once you’ve found your car’s paint code, the rest is simple and you won’t need to take your car to a mechanic for a bit of touch up paintwork! To make life easier, we’ve created this guide that’s specific to Honda paint codes to help you find your code on all Honda models, including motorcycles too.

    How do I find my Honda Paint Code?

    Finding your Honda colour code is actually a lot simpler than you may think. While many car brands put the code in several different places depending on the model, the location of Honda’s codes doesn’t differ too much. For Accord, Jazz, CR V, FR V and S2000 Stream Civic models, you’ll find the code inside the engine compartment. For Civic, Insight, Logo, S2000 and NSX models, the code can be found on the column/post driver side door.  

    The Honda paint codes typically consist of 5 or 6 letters and numbers. For example, B506M is the code for Ice Blue Metallic paint on a 2001-2005 Honda Acura and R513-4 is the Liberty Rally Red paint used on Honda Acura models from 2001-2021. 

    While usually, Honda uses the same colours across many models, the latest 2021 Honda CR-V will have 8 brand new paint schemes available spread over the LX, EX, EX-L and Touring SUV models. These colours will be:

    • Social Gray Pearl 
    • Aegean Blue Metallic 
    • Crystal Black Pearl 
    • Lunar Silver Metallic 
    • Modern Steel Metallic 
    • Obsidian Blue Pearl 
    • Platinum White Pearl 
    • Radiant Red Metallic 

        If you’re struggling to find your paint code, you can try getting it from the manufacturers themselves. Our manufacturer contact finder will give you all the details you need to either get in contact with them directly or take you to the right section of their website to find out. 

        Where is a Paint Code on a Honda Motorcycle?

        The paint codes on Honda motorcycles can be tricky to find. Sometimes, they aren’t present at all, in which case it’s best to contact Honda directly and give them as much information as possible about the make and model of the motorcycle for them to then give you the correct paint code. If the motorcycle does have a colour code, it’ll be on a sticker that’s usually placed either on the rear half of the motorcycle or underneath the seat.

        What are the Most Common Honda Colours?

        All car manufacturers have a signature range of colours that are extremely popular with customers. Honda is a brand that sets the standard for interior quality and continues to grow and evolve its model types, which has earned them the reputation of being one of the top car makers around. The most common colours you’ll find on Honda cars include:

        • Brilliant Black
        • Argus Brown
        • Cuvée Silver
        • Floret Silver
        • Glacier White
        • Gotland Green
        • Manhattan Grey

          Where to Buy Honda Touch Up Paint?

          You can buy Honda touch up paint for all makes and models with Chipex. Once you’ve found your code, simply enter it into your colour match tool which will then automatically bring up the perfect colour match kit you need to touch up the paintwork. Our service offers a 100% colour match guarantee as our technology is computer matched and uses hand mixed paint that uses the same colour mixes that the manufacturers use. 

          Take a look at our extensive list of all the Honda car makes and models that we can colour match our touch up paint to.

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