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How to check your tyre pressure before a long journey

It’s always important to try and check your tyre pressure from time to time, but especially when the weather’s colder. In the icy conditions that we’ve seen recently, it’s best to check your tyre pressure at least once a month, especially if you’re embarking on a long journey. It only takes a few minutes but it’s a really important routine to get into to ensure that you’re safe to drive. Whether you’re planning on a long journey for a break away, or are just racking up a fair few miles with day to day driving, find out how to check your tyre pressure and why it’s so important.

What is tyre pressure?

Tyre pressure simply refers to the amount of pressure inside your tyre. It can vary from car to car, but with a quick google search you should be able to find the optimum tyre pressure for your vehicle. Normally, the tyre pressure is also stated in the vehicle handbook and can be tested at a garage or with a pressure gauge at home. It’s essential to keep your tyres in good condition for your safety and the overall condition of the car. The tyre pressure lets you know how inflated or deflated your tyres are and is important to keep on top of.

Why do I need to check my tyre pressure?

Often tyre pressure can be the last thing we remember to check on our cars, but there are so many reasons to check your tyre pressure before setting off. Tyre pressure affects everything from control of the vehicle, running costs and ultimately your safety. Here’s why you need to check your tyre pressure:
  • • Damage to the tread: Under or over inflation can cause damage to the tyres, meaning that your costs will increase.
  • • Tyre failures: Blowouts are more common when the car’s tyres are under inflated.
  • • Stopping distance: under inflated tyres will mean that your vehicle takes longer to stop - this can be a nightmare on long journeys where there may be traffic and frequent stopping.

How do I check my tyre pressure?

So, checking tyre pressure is an essential part of driving safely during winter and beyond, but how do you check tyre pressure?
  • • Firstly, check your car door or fuel flap for the instruction on how to check your tyre pressure and what they should be.
  • • Once you know what the pressure should be, take the air pump and take the air pump nozzle off ready to start filling the tyres with air.
  • • When you do this, you will see a gauge that tells you the air pressure levels of the tyre at present. Proceed to fill the tyre with air until it reaches the optimum tyre pressure suggested on your car.
  • • This will enable you to continue to monitor and add air to your tyres, but if you are in doubt or something doesn’t seem to be working, then ask your mechanic when you have your MOT as the tyres will be automatically checked.
Now you know how to check your tyre pressure, be sure to do it as regularly as possible - especially before long journeys and in colder weather. For more car care solutions, like cleaning products and miracle screen wash, check out our products page.

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