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The Best Ways to Clean Fabric Car Seats

Over time, your car’s fabric seats will accumulate dirt and stains from just everyday use. Even the most careful car owners are likely to spill something or drop a crumb or have pet hair lying around here and there. With regular cleaning though, your car’s interiors will look better, smell fresher and maintain its tip-top condition. Plus, cleaning your fabric seats often will help to prevent any stains or discolouration  from becoming permanent, making it easier to sell later down the line. 

If you’re not sure where to begin, or just need some extra advice to help remove those pesky stains, follow our 6 easy tips below on the best ways to clean fabric car seats.

1. Recline the Seats

Before you begin, you’ll want to recline the car seats all the way back. This will allow you to see and reach the places you wouldn’t normally be able to. Ensuring a thorough clean of the entire seat as you tackle all the dirt and debris trapped in the crevices of the seats.

2. Vacuum the Fabric

Vacuum the car seats with a soft brush head, or use a soft-bristled brush instead, to pick up most of the dirt, making sure you get into the seams as well. For any embedded pet hair, you can use a special pet hair brush to lift it which will then make it much easier to vacuum away.

3. Apply Shampoo or Upholstery Cleaner

Once fully vacuumed, apply an automotive interior shampoo to a bucket of warm water. It’s usually best to make sure the area you’re applying the shampoo is damp but not soaking wet. It’s also important to ensure the shampoo has been evenly spread to avoid water stains when it dries. Leave the shampoo to work for a couple of minutes and then gently rub the solution in with a soft-bristled brush. 

4. Use a Stain and Odour Remover

For extra tough stains that have been left for some time, use a specialised stain and odour remover and spray over the affected areas. Our highly advanced Stain & Odour Buster will remove virtually all stains such as dog mess, vomit, ink, chocolate and wine. By utilising safe natural microbes, it works over a 12+ hour period to gradually clean away the stains. 

5. Dry with a Clean Microfibre Cloth

Soon, you’ll notice the suds begin to gather up the dirt. At this point, use a clean, dry microfibre cloth to wipe away the suds before it dries and puts the dirt back onto the seat. Then, take another absorbent cloth and blot the seats to help dry them completely.

6. Vacuum the Seats Again and Leave to Dry

Give the seats another quick vacuum to get rid of any extra loose dirt that may have been missed or raised while using the cloth. Then, lastly, allow the seats to air dry fully before driving anyway to avoid damp clothes and any dirt or dust particles soaking into the fibres of the seat.

Chipex Top Car Seat Cleaning Tips

For the best results possible our expert detailers at Chipex have put together a few top tips to ensure your car seats are gleaming. 

  • Always vacuum the seats before starting the cleaning process as this will pick up a lot of the dirt first and make cleaning the seats easier.
  • Do your research and select the correct cleaner for either fabric or leather seats. Choosing the wrong type could potentially ruin the seats.
  • Only get the surface as wet as you have to, to assist with cleaning. You don’t want to soak the entire seat as you’ll likely create water stains. 
  • Make sure you towel dry after cleaning. Don’t use a hairdryer or any other form of heat to speed the process up.
  • Avoid cleaning in cold weather to prevent condensation within the car. Ideally, it’s also best to clean the entire car on a mild, sunny day, steering clear of windy conditions, either first thing in the morning or in the evening to avoid too much direct sunlight or heat.

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