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How to wax and polish your car after applying touch up paint

We’ve all experienced that sinking feeling when you see a great big scratch ruining the paintwork on your beloved car. And if you’ve ever wondered, hands on hips as you look at your vehicle, whether you can apply touch-up paint to your car with great results, the answer is yes. With Chipex Touch Up Paint, the whole process is really simple, but a couple of questions will need answering before you get going. We’re answering the top questions that you need to ask before applying touch-up paint...

1. Should I polish and wax my car before or after applying touch-up paint?

Wax and polish the car after painting. However, before applying touch up paint, you should wash your car using car-washing soap, water, and a soft cloth to clean the scratched area. This will help identify exactly where needs to be touched up and reduces the risk of getting dirt and grime in the new paint. Once you’ve given your car a good clean, be sure to thoroughly dry the area that is scratched. And remember, waxing and polishing your car should always wait until after the paint’s dried or you’ll risk smudging the paint. When painting:
  1. Figure out your car’s exact paint colour – you can do an online search for your car's make, model, colour and its "paint code.”
  2. Buy its matching touch-up paint colour.
  3. If necessary, apply a primer. Dab a dollop of primer onto the area if the scratch reaches metal. If it only scratches surface-level, then skip the primer.

2. Why should I polish and wax my car after applying touch-up paint?

After applying the paint, and sanding the area down to keep it smooth, it’s time to wax and polish the car. Polishing and waxing the car will help the repainted area blend in with the rest of the bodywork and it will protect the repaired area from further damage. It’s nice to give your car this extra bit of TLC; and in doing so, you’re making an investment in the vehicle.

3. What are the top products for polishing and waxing my car?

Now you know why you should wax and polish your car, here are some essential products to help you get that shining finish.
  1. The Chipex Super Concentrate Car Shampoo not only cleans your car’s bodywork, but protects it with the latest electrostatic technology. It is biodegradable, smells great and there’s no fear of smearing.
  2. If time is of the essence, the Chipex Miracle Detailer works extremely quickly to give your car a glossy surface protection against rain and re-soiling. All it takes is a spray-on application before wiping off with a microfiber cloth.
  3. No one likes a bug-bruised bumper. The Chipex Triple Action Bugs Away is different from conventional shampoos which struggle to remove these kind of marks. Its triple-action formula works swiftly to rehydrate insect remains and keep your car gleaming.
Alternatively, read our guide on how to protect your car from stones & chips here.

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