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Revealed: UK’s Proudest Car Owners

Keeping your motor looking tip-top - who cares for their car the most?


  • Luxury Loves Perfection: Owners of BMW, Tesla, Porsche, Jaguar, and other high-end brands lead in paint upkeep, signifying deeper pride in vehicle appearance and an intolerance for imperfections.
  • Electric Cars: Style Meets Sustainability: Tesla drivers, emblematic of the electric evolution, refuse to compromise on aesthetics, possibly mirroring their forward-thinking, eco-conscious mindset.
  • Business in Prime Form: Data highlights that fleets, like the Volkswagen Transporter and Ford Transit Custom, are kept impeccable, underscoring the significance of a professional image.
  • Everyday Cars Embrace Life's Scars: Brands such as Vauxhall and Toyota, along with compact car owners, exhibit a relaxed stance towards minor blemishes, reflecting an acceptance of life’s little dings.
  • Family Cars: Battle-Ready & Unfazed: Family car owners prioritise life’s journeys over a spotless finish, cherishing the functionality and memories over aesthetics.

Did you know that UK drivers' car care habits vary significantly depending on the make and model of their car? Data from Chipex, a leading provider of touch-up paint kits, and the DVLA reveals fascinating insights into how different car owners approach the maintenance of their vehicles.

Understanding the Chipex Index

The index used in our analysis is a simple yet powerful tool to understand the relationship between the proportion of Chipex sales for specific car models and their representation in the DVLA's total car registrations. In simple terms, the index shows which car owners are more or less likely to purchase a Chipex touch-up paint kit, relative to the number of such cars on the road.

An index score above 100 suggests that owners of a particular car brand or model are more likely to buy a touch-up paint kit compared to what you'd expect from the number of these cars registered with the DVLA. Conversely, an index score below 100 suggests that owners of those cars are less likely to purchase a kit than expected. For example, a score of 200 (the maximum score cap in our analysis) means a car brand or model is twice as likely to have its owners buy a touch-up kit compared to the average, while a score of 50 means they are only half as likely. This gives us a fascinating insight into the car maintenance habits of different groups of car owners.

Luxury and Performance Car Owners are UK’s Proudest

BMW, Tesla, Porsche, and Jaguar top the list of car brands whose owners are most likely to purchase Chipex's touch-up paint kits, making up 12.34%, 4.96%, 3.69%, and 3.22% of sales respectively. This is particularly interesting given that these brands represent a significantly smaller share of the DVLA's total car registrations, with Tesla, for example, making up only 0.41%. This disparity shows that luxury and performance car owners are more proactive in maintaining their vehicles' appearance. Could it be that they simply take more pride in their cars?

Why are luxury car owners more likely to use Chipex products? Our take is that owners of luxury and premium cars see their vehicles as much more than just a vessel to get them from A to B. They are statement pieces, investments and most treasured possessions. Luxury cars come equipped with cutting-edge design, high-performance engines and premium ride quality, but this can be spoiled by the smallest of scuffs on the dazzling paintwork. Why spoil your dream car with an imperfection?

An unsightly blemish on the paintwork hits much harder than for owners with mainstream cars. Damage to the paintwork weighs heavy on the mind of the luxury car owner, whereas others just learn to live with it.

The data showed this to be for other iconic luxury car brands like Aston Martin, Ferrari, and Lotus, which despite having lower sales shares (0.40%, 0.20%, and 0.22% respectively), have index scores reaching the maximum of 200.

Such is the reach and trust in Chipex's quality, that their touch-up paint kits even find their way into the hands of McLaren owners, further highlighting the appeal of these kits to supercar enthusiasts who value their vehicle's immaculate appearance.

Electric Car Owners Want To Keep Their Cars In Pristine Condition

The data also shows an intriguing trend among electric vehicle owners. Both Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y appear on the list of models whose owners are most likely to use Chipex touch-up kits. This implies that electric car owners, despite being a smaller share of the car market, are keen to keep their vehicles in prime condition. Perhaps this stems from the forward-thinking, sustainable mindset of early adopters of electric vehicles.

Taking Care of Business

Interestingly, commercial vehicles like the Volkswagen Transporter and the Ford Transit Custom are also high on the list. These models' presence in Chipex's sales data hints that businesses are keen to keep their fleets looking smart and professional. After all, a well-kept vehicle can help project a positive image for a business.

Mainstream Cars Owners Not Hellbent On Perfection

On the other end of the spectrum, more mainstream and family-oriented brands like Vauxhall, Toyota, Nissan, and Hyundai have lower index scores of 39, 51, 47, and 56 respectively, suggesting that owners of these brands are happier to put up with imperfections. It doesn’t necessarily mean the safety or performance of the car is compromised, so repairing the damage isn’t a priority.

Similarly, compact cars from Fiat and Smart, with index scores of 53 and 33 respectively, also rank lower on the list. This might indicate that smaller vehicles are less prone to paint damage or that their owners have different attitudes towards DIY car maintenance.

One assumption is that owners of family cars might come to expect a degree of ‘wear and tear’ when ferrying the kids around, so the odd chip or scuff might simply be inevitable and less of a concern when it happens. We should also consider that owners of these cars might have less time to examine the paintwork and make the repairs. 

The 'Not-So-Pampered' Cars

While many car owners can't resist giving their beloved vehicles the five-star treatment, Chipex sales data suggests that owners of a few models might be a bit more... relaxed when it comes to their cars' cosmetics.

Take the Nissan Micra, for example. With an index score of 20, it seems like Micra owners might be more excited about getting from A to B than worrying about a few minor scratches and chips.

Then we have the Vauxhall Zafira, scoring an 18. This hardworking family car might carry the battle scars of weekend adventures and the school run with pride, but a little bit of Chipex could keep it looking as young as it feels!

But the real champion of the carefree look is the Peugeot 207, with the lowest index score of 15. It seems 207 owners aren't too fussed about a beauty spot or two on their trusty ride.

Remember, love for a car isn't always about keeping it spotless. After all, each scratch tells a story and every chip is a badge of honour from the open road!

Car Makes with the Highest Chipex Index Scores


Index Score









Alfa Romeo


Aston Martin












Car Makes with Lowest Chipex Index Scores


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Understanding the 'Why' Behind Touch-Up Kits

When it comes to why people buy touch-up paint kits, it's essential to remember that the reasons vary significantly. Chipex's touch-up kits aren't solely the reserve of those who've had an accident or experienced significant damage to their car. In fact, many customers purchase these kits as a part of their regular vehicle maintenance routine or to address minor cosmetic issues that inevitably arise over time.

People take immense pride in their vehicles, and maintaining the vehicle's aesthetic appeal is just as important to many car owners as ensuring its mechanical soundness. A car's paint job is its first line of defence against the elements, and regular touch-ups can help preserve the vehicle's finish and prevent more severe damage down the line, such as rust.

It's also crucial to consider the age of the car. Older vehicles, especially those with discontinued or hard-to-find colours, might require touch-up paint kits more frequently due to ageing and wear-and-tear. On the other hand, newer car models might use such kits for minor blemishes and to keep their vehicle looking brand-new for as long as possible.

Ultimately, buying a touch-up paint kit is as much about prevention and maintenance as it is about repair, reflecting the ongoing care that drivers invest in their cars.

In the light of these insights, the data might not necessarily indicate that owners of luxury cars like BMW, Tesla, and McLaren are more prone to damaging their vehicles. Instead, it suggests that these car owners may be more proactive in preserving their vehicle's appearance and taking preventive steps to ensure it stays in tip-top shape. This proactive attitude to car care seems to permeate across owners of newer models, performance cars, and even classic cars, where a perfect finish helps retain their value and charm.

Explore the Data

We've only just scratched the surface of what the Chipex sales data can reveal about the car care habits of different groups of car owners. Whether you're a data nerd, a car enthusiast, or just plain curious, you can dive into the full data set to discover more. Find out which cars get the most TLC, which could use a little more love, and how your own car stacks up. The full data sheet, complete with all the manufacturer and model breakdowns, is just a click away. 

Follow this link to access the raw data


Chipex UK sales data 

  • Based only on online sales of "Chipex Repair Kit" product. 
  • Of all items sold - car make / model 2.7k (8%) not available in data & 1k (3%) unable to identify - these have been removed for reporting purposes. 


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