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The Different Colours of a Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta is a firm favourite for reliability, affordability and it’s sleek aesthetic. In 2018, the Ford Fiesta topped the charts for the most sold car by a fair margin and in the years preceding that it featured regularly in the top three bestsellers. In the Fiesta, Ford have created a car that is practical and affordable. And with the range of colours available, there’s a chance for buyers to really personalise their car and enjoy the look of their vehicle too. Take a look at the different colours of the Ford Fiesta and how to find the perfect colour code if you need to repair your car...

1. Ingot Silver

The Lighter Silver colour is always popular and is a classic shade that stands the test of time. Easy to sell on and completely inoffensive, this is the perfect colour for someone who wants to play it safe.

2. Outrageous Green

If the above doesn’t sound like you, don’t panic. With Ford’s Premium Colour Options, you can choose something a little more stand out if that’s to your taste. The outrageous green is a bright, lime colour that definitely makes a statement.

3. Magnetic

This shade is more of a Grey colour than a silver. The Magnetic colour offers a timeless look and is in line with the UK’s favourite car colours at the moment. Grey was a firm favourite with buyers in 2018 and research shows that one in every five new purchases in 2018 were grey!

4. White Platinum

White is always popular and when sparkling clean, can look really smart. One thing to bear in mind with white is that you will need to keep it clean and scratch free for it to keep looking it’s best.

5. Shadow Black

Black is always a classic car colour and the ford fiesta looks great in this colour. If you are looking to repair chips and scratches on a black car, you’re in luck. The darker tone makes it the perfect colour for painting and is very forgiving. That being said, with Chipex Car Paint Touch up every car colour can be repaired to the highest standard. Take a look at how it works here.

6. Lightning Blue

Blue has always been a popular car colour and as long as it’s kept in good condition, a blue ford fiesta will continue to look great. One to watch with primary coloured cars is that the paint can fade if it’s not well polished and cleaned. Take a look at our car care products for more advice on how to look after your vehicle.

7. Bohai Bay Mint

A relatively new colour on the car circuit, mint green has increased in popularity in recent years. It’s an eye catching colour that looks great in summer against a pale blue sky.

8. Hot Pepper Red

One for the more daring amongst us, a red car is a showstopper and in a nippy ford fiesta this colour really stands out. If you love to be the life and soul of the party and stand out, red could be the perfect colour for you.

How to find the correct colour code

Whatever colour code you go for, finding your colour code couldn’t be easier. Whether you buy a car from new, or second hand, wear and tear is common. The good news is that it’s easily solvable. If you have a scratch or chip in your paintwork that you really want to fix, then take a look at our industry leading touch up paint. We guarantee a colour match for all makes and models, meaning that you can rest assured that your car can be easily repaired.

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