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You have a dent & scratch on your car: what next?

Imagine the scenario: you’re returned to your car after leaving it parked all day, only to find that someone has bumped into you and left you with a hefty dent and scratch. If this scenario sounds familiar, the likelihood is that you are extremely annoyed and don’t know what to do about your damaged car. When you find that you have a dent and scratch on your car, for whatever reason, it can be hard not to get upset. However, with Chipex car scratch solutions, there’s no need to fret. We’re taking you through what to do if you have a dent and scratch on your car.

1. Don’t panic - dents and scratches can be fixed

We know that you’re probably stressed to the max and wondering what to do about the damage to your car, but it’s time to chill. The great news is that this is all very fixable, and probably won’t cost you as much as you think. Whilst it’s true that dents are harder to fix than scratches (which are easy to fix with our touch up paint) it can still be done at a low cost.

2. Figure out if you can get to the back of the panel

Refiguring a car after a dent is as simple as pushing the dented metal back out by tapping it with a hammer or piece of wood. If you can get to the back of the panel, then your DIY job is off to a great start and it should just be a case of pushing the dent back out. However, if you can’t get to the back of the panel then you might need to seek further advice. If the inside of the panel is hard to get to, it is recommended that you go to a garage and see what they can do. Alternatively, if you’re feeling brave, you can use a dent puller to cause the dent to rise out of itself. If you’re not experienced with fixing your own car, you might want to call in backup on this occasion to avoid damage to the car.

3. Once the dent is fixed, it’s time to fix the scratch

Once the dent is out of the way it’s plain sailing. Fixing a car scratch couldn’t be easier with our Chipex Touch Up Paint that has a colour code to match your car. Simply use the colour code finder to find your car’s exact match, and order away!

4. Wash your car

As you wait for your touch up paint to arrive, you can wash your car in preparation for applying the paint. The touch up paint will blend more evenly if the car is sparkling clean and clear of any dirt or grime. If you want to clean your car but don’t have access to a hose or easy to reach water supply, then the waterless wash & wax product will be ideal for you.

5. Once the product has arrived, get to work

Now your touch up paint is here, and you’ve got a lovely clean car, you’re ready to start applying the paint. • Step One is to use the chipex paint applicator brush to add paint to the car scratch and them smudge it in with your finger or thumb to get an even coverage. • Step Two is applying the blending solution to a cloth and rubbing it gently over the paint to blend it in. • Finally, Step Three is to polish up your car with a clean microfiber cloth and the job is done. Chipex is exceptionally effective at fixing marks on your car, and can help you fix your car after a dent and scratch.

Our video on How Chipex Works, shows you each step in action and proves just how easy the application is. Don’t let a dent and scratch on your car ruin your day, simply find your car colour code and start repairing your car today.

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