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Fiat Touch Up Paint

Touch Up Paint for All Fiat Colour Codes

Experience the ultimate solution for those bothersome scratches and chips on your beloved Fiat with Chipex! We understand the frustration of these imperfections, so we are committed to providing you with the perfect fix. Our precision match touch-up paint is exclusively designed to correspond to all Fiat colour codes flawlessly.

Crafted with the utmost care, our touch-up paint ensures a seamless and harmonious finish that perfectly blends with your car's original paintwork. As a leading supplier in the industry, we take immense pride in delivering top-notch touch-up paint to our valued customers.

Now, achieving professional-looking results is a breeze with our comprehensive range of Fiat touch-up paint kits. Whether you're dealing with minor damages or more extensive repairs, Chipex has got you covered. Restore your car's beauty effortlessly from the comfort of your own home with our reliable and ideal solution. Say goodbye to those unsightly marks and hello to a stunningly restored Fiat car!

How It Works

Experience the simple and precise way to repair your Fiat with Chipex touch-up paint. Our user-friendly colour code finder tool makes it effortless – just enter your vehicle's registration, and our intelligent system will swiftly decode the exact colour code for your Fiat. Selecting the perfect touch-up paint kit has never been easier!

For those who prefer to locate the colour code within their vehicle, our comprehensive guide below provides all the necessary information. With this assurance, you can confidently order the ideal touch-up paint kit and ensure a flawless restoration for your beloved car. Say goodbye to imperfections and hello to a seamlessly restored Fiat!

Find Your Fiat Colour Code with Your Registration

Experience a seamless process of discovering the perfect colour match for your Fiat vehicle by simply inputting your registration details into our advanced system. In moments, you'll receive the precise colour code that matches your Fiat car flawlessly.

At Chipex, precision is our top priority, and our custom-made touch-up paint kit is specifically designed for your car, ensuring absolute accuracy. You can trust in the exceptional results you'll achieve with our fast and reliable Fiat colour code finder below. Count on Chipex for an unparalleled touch-up paint solution. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to flawlessly restored perfection!

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Where to Find Your Fiat Colour Code

Similar to many other car manufacturers, Fiat also stores its paint codes within the vehicle. However, the precise location of the paint code may vary depending on the specific model of your car.

To make it easier for you to find your Fiat paint code and identify its appearance, we have crafted a comprehensive guide below. Rest assured, with our guidance, you'll quickly locate and recognise the paint code for your Fiat vehicle.

Fiat Paint Code Location

Finding the paint code for your Finding may initially appear daunting, but don’t worry. We are here to guide you through each step with ease. Our comprehensive and user-friendly manual, complete with helpful images, will effortlessly lead you to the precise paint code you require.

With our assistance, you can confidently order your touch-up paint kit, knowing that you possess the exact code tailored for your car. In the rare event that you cannot locate your vehicle's paint code or color name, there's no need to stress. Simply reach out to your local dealer and provide them with your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

You can find this number on your car or in your logbook/vehicle registration document. Once you provide the VIN, the dealer will access their internal database and provide you with all the necessary information you need. Rest assured, we've got you covered every step of the way.

Model Position of Colour Label
Bravo - Croma - Punto On the engine compartment (under the bonnet) or the boot lid
Doblo' - Ducato - Scudo Qubo - Sedici - Idea Inside the engine compartment
Stilo - 500 - 600 - Panda Multipla - Grande Punto Inside the (rear) luggage compartment
Nuovo Scudo - Ulysse On the driver side on the door edge
Sedici - Strada On the inside edge of passenger door

As shown in the images, the paint name is usually at the bottom of the sticker and is three letters.

How to Use Chipex Touch Up Paint On Your Fiat

Relish the joy of restoring your car's flawless appearance right in the comfort of your driveway. Our user-friendly instructions will expertly guide you through a seamless process, ensuring an extraordinary outcome seamlessly integrating with your Fiat’s original paintwork.

Crafted for a simple application, our touch-up paint guarantees a stunning finish while providing long-lasting protection against rust and corrosion.

Just follow three easy steps – applying the paint, blending it in, and polishing it to perfection – and you'll be astonished at how straightforward the entire process is. Witness the impeccable results as your Fiat’s beauty is effortlessly brought back to life. Get ready to be genuinely impressed with the transformation!


Here are some popular queries about using Chipex touch up paint on your Fiat:

  • How do you repair a scratch on a Fiat?

    With Chipex touch up kits, you can eliminate scratches on your Fiat and enjoy an impeccable finish. Chipex assures a perfect colour match and an unrivalled finish for your vehicle.

  • Where is the paint code on a Fiat?

    Depending on the model, your Fiat paint code location will vary. Our detailed guide above shows you where to locate this.

  • What's the cost to fix the paint on a Fiat?

    Addressing paint issues on your Fiat is affordable with Chipex touch up paint kits. The superior quality of the product ensures a perfect match with your paint colour, delivering a result akin to professional services.

  • How can I remove micro scratches from my Fiat?

    Minor scratches on your Fiat can be buffed out using Chipex touch up paint kits. Achieve the best results in just three steps.

  • Is the Chipex system reliable?

    Absolutely! Chipex products, such as touch up paint kits, provide a DIY solution with a finish that mirrors professional quality.

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