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Proton Touch Up Paint

Touch Up Paint for All Proton Colour Codes

When your treasured Proton gets scratched or chipped, a quick and effective solution is at your fingertips. Chipex Proton touch up paint enables you to effortlessly repair the damage, helping you maintain your car's pristine appearance without unnecessary expenditures.

How It Works

Using our savvy colour code locator tool, you can easily discover the perfect touch up paint for your Proton. All you need to do is enter your car registration details, and the tool will rapidly find an excellent match for you. With your chosen Proton touch up paint and our simple 3-step application process, you'll achieve a professional finish in no time.

Find Your Proton Colour Code with Your Registration

Use our modern colour code finder tool to swiftly and accurately find your Proton touch up paint colour code. Enter your registration number and let the tool do the rest, ensuring a flawless match and seamless scratch removal.

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Where to Find Your Proton Colour Code

If you'd like to manually locate your Proton touch up paint colour code, it can be found within your car itself. However, the exact location may vary, so referring to your vehicle handbook or contacting your local dealership is advised for precise instructions.

Proton Paint Code Location

We understand that finding the paint code for your Proton can be a bit of a challenge without specific instructions. Unfortunately, we don't have exact locations for Proton models. However, you can still locate your paint code by checking your vehicle's handbook or by getting in touch with your local Proton dealer.

Model Position of Colour Label
All models Refer to your vehicle handbook or contact your local dealership

If you can't find the Proton paint code/colour name on the car, you can contact your local dealer with your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), which you will find on the car or your logbook/vehicle registration document, and they will be able to retrieve it from their internal database.

Remember, our trusted registration lookup tool is always available to assist.

How to Use Chipex Touch Up Paint On Your Proton

Chipex Proton touch up paint is designed for simplicity, efficacy, and affordability. You just need to apply the paint to the affected region, blend it carefully, and polish the surface to achieve a fantastic finish.

Chipex Proton touch up paint doesn't only help you restore your car's look, but it also offers excellent protection against rust and corrosion, ensuring your vehicle stays in top-notch condition for longer.


Here are some popular queries about using Chipex touch up paint on your Proton:

  • How do you repair a scratch on a Proton?

    You can effortlessly erase any scratches on your Proton using Chipex touch up paint. Just apply the paint, blend it in, and polish the surface for a superior finish.

  • Where is the paint code on a Proton?

    The location of the paint code on a Proton can vary. We recommend referring to your vehicle handbook or contacting your local Proton dealership for specific information.

  • What's the cost to fix the paint on a Proton?

    By using Chipex touch up paint, you can affordably fix paint issues on your Proton. Chipex guarantees a precise colour match and provides results that mirror professional services.

  • How can I remove small scratches from my Proton?

    Minor scratches on your Proton can be easily removed using Chipex touch up paint. The 3-step application process ensures a flawless result.

  • Is the Chipex system reliable?

    Absolutely. Chipex products, including touch up paint kits, offer a reliable DIY solution with a professional-quality finish.

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