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Smart Touch Up Paint

Touch Up Paint for All Smart Colour Codes

Whether your Smart car is a city whizz or a highway companion, it deserves to be kept in pristine condition. Chipex Smart touch up paint is formulated to perfectly match all Smart colour codes, making it easy to restore your vehicle's stunning looks.

At Chipex, we know that even minor scratches can mar the beauty of your Smart car. That's why our touch up paint kits are designed to provide a simple, cost-effective way to maintain your vehicle's flawless finish.

How It Works

Finding the perfect match for your Smart touch up paint is easy with our innovative colour code locator tool. Simply input your vehicle's registration details, and our system will identify the ideal match to erase any signs of damage.

After choosing your Smart touch up paint, you'll appreciate the simplicity and effectiveness of our three-step application process.

Find Your Smart Colour Code with Your Registration

Our innovative colour code finder tool takes the guesswork out of finding your Smart touch up paint colour code. Simply enter your registration number, and our tool will locate the exact Smart touch up paint colour you need for a perfect match. Your vehicle will be free from unsightly scratches in no time. To begin, enter your registration number in the box below.

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Where to Find Your Smart Colour Code

To locate your Smart touch up paint colour code, you will need to look within your vehicle. The location varies depending on the model.

Smart Paint Code Location

Refer to the table below to understand where to find your Smart colour code. Remember, the location of the colour code varies based on the model of your vehicle.

Model Position of Colour Label
FORTWO (Old Model) Inside the engine compartment (rear)
FORTWO (New Model), FOR FOUR On the passenger side door column

The paint code is usually located on the top left of the sticker, just under the words ‘Made in France’.

If you cannot find the Smart paint code / colour name on the car, you can call your local dealer with your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), which you will find on the car or your log book / vehicle registration document, and they will be able to look it up on their internal database.

How to Use Chipex Touch Up Paint On Your Smart

Once you've located your colour code and ordered your Chipex Smart touch up paint, you can take advantage of the simplicity of our three-step application process. Apply the paint to the affected area, blend it in, and polish the surface to achieve the desired results.

Say goodbye to costly garage visits. With Chipex Smart touch up paint, you can maintain your car's beautiful finish while saving both time and money.

Our superior touch up paint blends seamlessly with your car's existing paintwork, providing an effective barrier against rust and corrosion and ensuring your vehicle looks its best for years to come.


Below you'll find answers to some frequently asked questions about using Chipex touch up paint on your Smart:

  • How do you repair a scratch on a Smart car?

    Repairing scratches on your Smart car is easy with a Chipex touch up paint kit. These kits offer an exact colour match and superior finish, restoring your vehicle's beauty.

  • Where is the paint code on a Smart car?

    The paint code for Smart car models can be found either inside the engine compartment (rear) for older FORTWO models, or on the passenger side door column for newer FORTWO and FOR FOUR models.

  • How much does it cost to fix the paint on a Smart car?

    Chipex touch up paint kits offer a cost-effective way to repair paint issues on your Smart car. These kits provide high-quality paint that matches your existing colour perfectly, giving you professional results at a fraction of the cost.

  • How can I remove small scratches from my Smart car?

    Using a Chipex touch up paint kit, you can easily remove minor scratches from your Smart car. Achieve a flawless finish with our straightforward three-step process.

  • Is the Chipex touch up paint system reliable?

    Absolutely! The Chipex touch up paint system offers a do-it-yourself solution that delivers professional-standard results.

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